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Business valuations are used for a variety of reasons to determine a value for the business. Buying and selling a business is the most common reason. Our services are provided to assist clients with mergers, acquisitions; taxation planning and compliance; financial reporting; bankruptcy and reorganisation; litigation and dispute resolution; and strategic planning.
Business valauations can also be used for Estate planning, divorce proceedings, reorganisation, or verification of your worth for lenders or investors, selling portion of your shares, general interest and other reasons. While business valuations are subjective, our process will permit you to quickly recognise the value as reasonable or unreasonable.

Additional Business Valuation Serviced Offered:

  1. Business Valuation for Legal, Business, Personal & Commercial use
  2. Business Valuations prepared for bank submission
  3. Business Valuation for buying a business
  4. Business Valuation forselling a business
  5. CC & Pty Registrations & Conversions
  6. Franchise Development & Sales
  7. Business Feasibility
  8. Due Diligence
  9. Buy - Sell Agreements

Business valaution can be complex and is dependent upon many factors. Our business valaution services range from a simple Business Valuation Appraise's Report to a formal Business Valuation Report. We can assist you by offering our “Business Valuation Appraise's Report”, or we can arrange for a formal Business Valuation Report based upon your individual needs.

Our business valaution are extensive and detailed reports, which should help you with the decision to sell or not at this time, but also justify the offering price to prospective buyers if and when you do choose to go to market. 

 Determining the value of your business is one of the first steps in selling your business. There are many factors to consider such as cash flow, asset values, financial history, condition of equipment, lease terms, competition, location, and the economy. We have access to comparable businesses that have recently sold so we can value your business and establish an appropriate price.

 Our business valuation fees are all market related and are priced according to the amount of work involved to prepare them. 

We will quote your business an exact cost at the beginning of the project.

 Depending on the business valuation report – the following are estimated times:

  1. Business Valuation Appraise's Report 1 Week
  2. Formal Business Valuation Report 2 - 6 Weeks

have more business valuation questions?

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